How to disable your Computer’s USB ports so that no one can copy data through them. Use REGEDIT command to access Registry Editor.

Steps are below:

  • First check if there are any USB stick or Mouse receptor etc connected to the computer , If yes then take it out.
  • Click on START menu.
  • Then go to RUN. Type REGEDIT.
  • This will launch REGISTRY EDITOR.
  • Then Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\usbstor
  • On the right hand side you will find START . Double click on the START.
  • Change the Hexadecimal  value data  to 4 from 3.
  • Then Click OK.
  • Close the REGISTRY and RESTART the Computer to take effects.
  • And if you want to use the USB port again then Just follow these steps and change the Value back to 3.
  • And RESTART.



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