Basingstoke : Swami Ji- One of the greatest men to have walked this planet…Still continues to capture the imagination of the generations after him! On his 157th birthday here is an interesting observation made by one of his direct disciples, Swami Saradananda.

“….Sri Ramakrishna was a srutidhara of the first order – he could remember anything he heard but once. Swamiji was one of the second order. He had to read or hear anything twice and only then could he remember it.”

When questioned by a disciple how one gets this power, Saradananda replied, “These people have great control over their mind. Whatever they concentrate on gets stuck in their minds at once. It requires great powers of concentration. Whatever they say or hear, they remember for years.”

He continued, “What’s the difference between a srutidhara and an ordinary person ? A srutidhara can focus all the powers of one’s mind to a point, whereas the mental forces of an ordinary person are scattered and the individual does not have the power to focus them on one thing. The mind is perhaps divided among many things. It is almost impossible to concentrate such a mind. The Master would compare the mind to a packet of mustard seeds. If the packet is once untied the seeds get scattered in all directions. How difficult it is to collect them again. Some perhaps are lost forever….”

Image Courtesy: Ramakrishna Mission Delhi


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