About the author – Narendra Kumar is an academician writer who works with geopolitical angles, specifically regarding countries of South East Asia. He has worked extensively in Bangladesh and China and is also part of UNESCO and WIPO working groups, and regularly contributes to the independent think tank, Siraiki International. He’s also the recipient of the Order of the star of the Italian solidarity.

This book is written in Bengali, and it comprises roughly 30 chapters. The book has been published by Her Ananda publications limited, New Delhi, India.

The book’s layout evaluates and analyses the Geopolitical and Geoeconomic aspects of the Chinese ambitions globally. The chapters are laid out in this book based on the continental structure, for example, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. There is also a detailed analysis of the deep Chinese penetration of the African continent, which has far-reaching consequences more than the eye can see.

The book also questions the intent and the fundamental objectives behind ambitious projects of China, for example, the Belt and Road on Rd initiative, one belt, one road and possibly one humongous debt. The book also serves as an excellent eye-opener to people who are intrigued to analyse and get a Birds Eye opinion and view of the entire geopolitical game played by China on the global platform.

Some of the chapters in the book are pretty shallow. The reasons and the implications for these fast and huge subjects required even more analysis details and specific examples with facts and figures. There are also a few minor printing errors in the shape of a numerical cited, which, possibly in further editions, the publisher might wish to reconsider.

Overall, this is an excellent and very focused book. It gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of China’s ambitions and the challenges it faces globally to realise that dream of the Middle Kingdom.


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