Today, Afghanistan is trembling with the noise of executioners’ footsteps and again under the control of the enemy of humanity and the free world. The living fossils of medieval cruelty is back again to rewrite the history of Afghanistan. The Taliban took only 20 days to re-capture Afghanistan and undid everything that happened in the last 20 years much faster than this century’s deadliest virus, Covid19. No one in the world thought 100 billion dollar army would surrender so easily. Those who could afford to leave their beloved motherland either left or are in the process of leaving. From last few weeks in the media, all we are hearing about; How American led Coalition countries spent trillions of dollars to ruin another country, how Pakistan checkmated India’s three billion dollars investment and trumped humanitarian aid to Afghanistan by simply nurturing the Taliban, how China is going to take control by debt trapping Afghanistan, the strategic implication for Russia, Iran, India and the world. President Biden even said that America was never there as a nation builder. No one seems to be bothered about what would happen to the innocent Afghanis and their future. The videos of desperate people fleeing to the tarmac of Kabul airport, thousands of people trying to get onboard flights, are similar to the last days of the Vietnam war. But when I saw one of the most disturbing videos of this whole debacle, two unfortunate people who somehow managed to clung to a C-17’s landing gear for a bit fell from the sky; I understood how much fear has devoured the whole Afghanistan. 

Most people think the Taliban was created and nurtured by Pakistani ISI in the late ’70s with the help of America to counter the Soviet Union. To some extent, this is correct, but what people fail to understand is that the Taliban existed long before America was even a thing. Taliban is a thought process, and one can not expect to win against that by buying favours or arming the opposition. They may have a different name back then, but the British arrogantly made the same mistake and paid the price in the 1800s. Not many records survived or are in the public domain. If one reads the journals of the British officials and their contemporaries, one would realise that the Taliban is just a term used to name the resurrection process of an old bloodthirsty ideology. I will explain the origin of the Taliban in a separate article.

Taliban will promise anything now to get legitimacy.

The war we all so conveniently forgot has now got more attention than Covid19. Now Afghanistan is a hot topic worldwide, especially for the corporate media, so it would get some attention, but what will happen six months down the line? Will we see the likes of Rashid Khan, Khalida Popals ever? What would happen to those hundreds of thousands of people who do not want to live under the rule of the Taliban? Taliban’s will promise women’s safety, education, jobs, pretty much anything and everything at first to make it look like they are some liberator to legitimise their rule in Afghanistan. Pakistani PM Imran Khan Niyazi even endorsed the Taliban saying, “Taliban has broken the Shackles of slavery”. Bit ironic when the Taliban exactly does the opposite; they literally put the shackle on women’s ankles and take them to Bazaar to sell them as sex slaves or tie them to the stick for lapidation.

Reports of girls as young as 12 are being taken away by the Taliban and married to their fighters. Their parents are being tortured or killed if they do not hand over the kids. Taliban already demanded the list of unmarried girls between 12 and 45. Beauty salons are being painted over. They have already killed women for not wearing Burkha, and on the same day, they also pledged to protect women’s rights. They have quietly have issued fatwas. Some of them become instant hits amongst the Chavunistsic pigs across the globe. Taliban said a lot of things but I only manage to put together some, 

  1. A woman can only go outside of the house with blood relatives wearing a Burkha or Hijab. 
  2. All places which are named after women needs to be renamed. 
  3. Women can not take part in any television or radio shows. They can not go to any open events. 
  4. They can not wear western dresses.
  5. Women can not take photos of themselves; they will be hunted down and killed by stoning if they appear on social media. 
  6. Only Islamic scholars and clerics can decide what education, job women can do. 

In the last twenty years, not everything was doom and gloom; America fought in Afghanistan, but they also tried to uplift the conditions of common Afghanis. India invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan’s infrastructure, from roads, schools, colleges, hospitals, cricket stadium, parliament house and whatnot. It probably was not enough, but at least the World bank data shared by noted scholar Dhruv Jaishankar shows that it changed the lives of ordinary Afghans. 

Now Taliban is doing press conferences, uses Twitter, carry iPhones, wear Fancy sunglasses, shoes and that may fool today’s snowflake generations or give excentric pleasure to lefties, but it would be a mistake for the grown-up world to believe that today’s Taliban would be any different than the previous one. It is also deplorable to see that the renowned media agencies, certain social media companies are making Subtle efforts to normalise whatever is happening in Afghanistan as if the ideology of the Taliban is some exotic drink, it may taste weird at first, but then you get used to it. 

Let’s not forget Taliban is a Terrorist organisation, and if any country recognises to ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’, run by these devils pawns, they will recognise beheading, stoning women, and maiming as part of 21st century daily life. The US state department is also unsure whether they will get back the considerable amount of US weapons in Taliban control, making the situation a lot crazier. Now imagine what these lots with Sixth-century mindset and twenty-first-century weapons would do to the world. I do not know the fate of the Afghan people; I do not know how many orphans will cry; I do not know how many women will be abused every day; I do not know how and when they will get their freedom back. But I know whatever happened in the past, whatever is happening today in Afghanistan, is the responsibility of those who initiated this human sacrifice. Whatever will happen in the future will also be on them. No matter what anyone says, this is just a beginning, it is my understanding that sooner or later the free world will regroup and remove the Taliban from power. Till then as a fellow human, I can only raise my voice for the victims and pray for their safety but this war is far from over.

Image courtesy: Sudhir Chaudhary

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