A research team led by Dr Matthias van Ginneken from the University of Kent’s School of Physical Sciences claimed that a 100 to 150-meter wide meteor might have hit Antarctica 430,000 years ago. It may have exploded in the lower atmosphere, which may be why there is no creator. The evidence suggests that the debris from the meteor covered a continental-size circular area of over 1200 miles.

Credit: Scott Peterson

The research team found tiny particles of meteors from Walnumfjellet in the Sør Rondane Mountains of Queen Maud Land, located south of Africa on the eastern side of the continent.

Scientists say that Antarctica is the perfect place to find the remnants of meteorites as there are a minimal presence of humans and its dry, frigid climate.

Scientists believe it is improbable that a meteor of that size will hit any densely populated area on earth but should that ever happen, the devastation will be catastrophic.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay


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