Today the Pakistani establishment is observing Kashmir Solidarity Day at the same time it is denying Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtuns and others the fundamental human rights. The abominable slogan of the Pakistani military and Radical Islamist groups, “Kashmir will become Pakistan” ( Kashmir bane ga Pakistan), is nothing but a pure farce. Why? You may ask. Because most of the general population of Pakistan lives in misery, minorities are always an easy target of religious zealots, 40% of the sharemarket is under a foreign country, every year government needs to borrow money from the IMF. Pakistan’s claim over Kashmir is nothing more than wishful thinking.

“Before shedding crocodile tears for Kashmir, Pakistan generals should end their atrocities, human rights violations, persecution of minorities and illegal occupation in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Pakistan military has used the Kashmir card for decades to strengthen its political hold on the country and to whip up the Jihad hysteria to enrich themselves. If Pakistan generals are so pained over the state of Kashmiri Muslims, why are they completely silent on the slavery of millions of Uighur Muslims in China?”

On October 22, 1947, the people of undivided J&K and Maharaja Hari Singh were attacked by a Lashkar (Militant group) of 20,000 tribesmen supported by the Pakistani army. Four days later Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India. They lied to the people that the last Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh, was a tyrant, and he was persecuting innocent Muslims of Kashmir. They carried out loot, vandalized places of worship, raped thousands of women, massacred hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri people in the name of Jihad (Holy war). The war lasted more than a year that killed thousands, displaced millions. Interestingly, in the history books of Pakistan, they are inscribed as liberators and messiah.

Even today, Pakistan uses the same age-old tactics of lies and deceit to mislead the world. Instead of Hari Singh, they now blame Indian PM Modi and Indian forces. Even though Pakistan is on the brink of bankruptcy and may get blacklisted by the FATF for illegal activities, it still continues to promote terrorism by sending Islamist terrorist groups, military personnel to Kashmir.

“Who is the real enemy of Kashmiris “

Born due to a Ludicrous, sham two-nation theory and out of enmity with Hindus of India, theocratic Pakistan has continuously meddled India’s internal affairs by sending brainwashed youths and bled Kashmir in the process, and who is the worst sufferer? It’s the Kashmiris. Over a million Kashmiri Pandit refugees are forced to live the lives of refugees elsewhere in India. The culture of Kashmir is unique. It was once a land of Hindus; later, in the 13th century, Sufism(Soft and moderate form of Islam )followed in Kashmir. For centuries different invaders and rulers plundered this land, and since it’s inception, Pakistan has been graciously following the footstep of those barbarians, invaders. Ancient Hindu culture and Sufism was hijacked and destroyed by Pakistan.

Today Pakistani intelligence agencies and various paid Islamist groups organized few rallies in Pakistan to show solidarity with Kashmir and Kashmiri people to mislead the world that Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and it is under subjugations of India. State controlled Pakistani media is propagating it as a victory of Pakistan over India. It wants to get sympathy from world on Kashmir cause and to use youth of Kashmir for Jihad ( Holy war) against kafirs(Anyone who does not follow Islam).

Islamabad should stop shedding crocodile tears on Kashmir and instead free thousands of Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtuns political workers who are languishing in military dungeons. “Pakistan needs to put its house in order first.” The world powers and United Nations must put pressure on Pakistan and pass laws to save the ancient cultures of Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtuns that are enchained in theocratic slavery of Pakistan.


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