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Climate Activist: The eulogisation of an anarchist


January 26, 2021, will be forever imprinted in the minds of Indians and the diaspora as the day when the venerated national symbol of the state and national flag was desecrated and thrown down and replaced by a Sikh religious flag. In the name of protests against the Indian Farm Laws 2020, hordes of anarchists owing affiliation to the separatist movement of Khalistan ran riot in the streets of Delhi provoking and baiting the Police to curb their rampage by force.

Duty before self attitude of Delhi Police must be applauded

What was remarkable was that the Delhi Police many times judged in past Republic Days as the best marching contingent displayed their professionalism with stoic fortitude and courage. They curbed the violence but with over three hundred grievously injured policemen at the end of the day. The lone casualty was one Navreet Singh Hundal, a returnee from Australia, whose tractor overturned while he was trying to mow down at high speed, policemen behind a barricade. This death was immediately broadcasted worldwide from notorious platforms like Twitter and Facebook, with the allegation of a police shooting. Even a well-known journalist Mr Rajdeep Sardesai shamelessly lied on live television that he had seen this anarchist shot. As the events of the day subsided, strangely a Twitter storm erupted all over the world protesting against widespread police suppression of peaceful protests against farmer agitations in India.

Indians however had seen the reality unfold in front of their eyes on a day they remain glued to their television sets to watch the Republic Day Parade. It was clear that there was an orchestrated movement to spread lies about what was blackmail going on an industrial scale, not by farmers, but a cabal of agricultural middlemen known as Dalals, Khalistani terrorists, anarchists from all parties as well the Communists and the coterie around the Maino-Gandhi-Vadra family. The foreign media had also jumped into this cauldron to further their vested interests.

Paid Twitter storm

As the international Twitter storm gathered pace with Mia Khalifa, Rihanna and Greta Thunberg tweeting like co-ordinated machine guns. Ms Thunberg, darling of armchair climate activists, inadvertently released the link of a google folder containing the now-infamous “Tool-Kit” that had been used to document the plans behind the January 26 violence. Names of participants, planners were there in full glory for everyone to see. This faux pas revealed the active role played by Disha Ravi, Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk in the creation and updating of this toolkit. While Nikita and Shantanu could immediately gather political support from India’s opposition parties and secure bail from local courts within their states to evade the central investigative authorities, Disha Ravi, a Bangalore resident, was arrested.

It is to defend this Twenty-two-year-old that all violence planners have lined up behind. Images of Disha Ravi cuddling a German Shepherd have emerged. She is being acclaimed as a Climate Activist, from a humble background. Circumstances of her arrest are being given a total spin by creating a picture that India’s present government is against farmers and innocent climate activists by well-known Western media agencies. One can only conclude that these News Media are actively working to prevent investigations behind the organisation and terrorist societies who created the fake picture of farmer protest within India. The profit motive has so clouded their ethics that they don’t give a second thought before propagating lies, hoping that they will gain a few pay-for-view readers through such sensationalist lies.

Indians and diaspora around the world are disgusted by this constant support to anarchists in India. It is clear that these Anglo-Saxon UK, Canada and USA based publications have a vested interest to see governance in India falter so that corruption can return. A corrupt India has always been the means by which colonists have gathered riches in the past by serving as a power broker. Citizens need to recognize and expose the vested interests of these portals and the powers behind them and take the discourse to the ordinary people of these countries.

Disha Ravi, Nikita Joseph, Shantanu Muluk deserve to pay for the crimes they have committed. The police should interrogate them as long as is required to find out the real plotters who want to wreak anarchy in India.

Image courtesy: Internet based , FT.

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