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Manchester : Birthdays are an occasion of joy. Nearly a billion people celebrated one such joyous occasion on the 2nd April 2020. In Hindu religion, Vishnu is the protector of this universe. He takes birth through the various ages to protect the virtuous and destroy sin from the earth, thus restoring order and harmony.

The two most important such rebirths of Vishnu, known as ‘avatars’ are, as the 7th as Sri Rama and the 8th as Sri Krishna.
Thus Ramnavami, the birthday of Sri Rama, around 5000 BC, is one of the most important days in the Hindu calendar.

Why is SriRama so important to the Hindu religion, one may ask? 

Sri Rama, in many ways is the ideal human, ‘Maryada purushottam’. He is the ideal son and brother showing respect to his parents and extended family and showering love and care to his siblings. He is the epitome of love and devotion, chasing after the evil kidnapper of his wife and fighting an epic battle to save her. He is also the benevolent king who puts his subjects before family, when unfairly tested.

Non violence but also fighting for a just cause, compassion, willingness to learn, truthful nature, tranquil & being at peace, self-control and integrity of character are the take home message for our young generation. ShreeRama, reassures us all, goodness will prevail in the end!

So let this auspicious occasion signal the beginning of the end of #coronavirus from the world, let us serve the vulnerable in our local communities by our thoughts and action (Sewa), while maintaining #socialdistancing and #stayingathome.

If you would like to know how we celebrated Ramnavami in Sale/Trafford electronically, or would like to know more about Hindu culture and sports activities while staying at home, you are welcome to join us at our e-shakas conducted Thursday evenings.

Ref: Britannica
Image credit: Wikipedia

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