Bengal Chronicle

The Bengal Chronicle, Revived

Welcome to The Bengal Chronicle, one of the most famous newspapers in the history of Indian journalism.

The Bengal Hurkaru and Chronicle was published in Kolkata from 1795 to 1866. Originally The Bengal Hurkaru, after the absorption of The Bengal Chronicle in 1827, the name was changed accordingly. The paper had already acquired Scotsman in the East in 1825 and later The Indian Gazette in 1834.

The newspaper became a daily on 29 April 1819, after starting off as a weekly. Most of its readers back in the day included the British merchants, military and civil society, but there were a few readers from among the Bengali community as well.

Using this platform, in its revived, new-age form, we look forward to maintaining the high standards of journalism it stood for, and write pieces that can truly make a difference in contemporary times.

Happy reading!


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